Parent-Teen Resources

Parents and teens talking successfully about difficult topic

Resources for Parents, Teens, and Professionals

Communication Tips

Intro to how to talk so teens will listen–Short article about excellent book, How to Talk So Teens Will Listen & Listen So Teens Will Talk.

Talking with Teens–really good tips

Improving Parent-Teen Communication–short overview of important aspects by Lorraine Segal

Mom, I don’t want to talk about it-how to start a conversation on a difficult topic

Parent-Teen Agreements/ Contracts–examples of helpful contracts between parents and teens

Agreements lower teen car crash rate–example of importance of communication/limits related to car use and accidents.

Pick your battles–parents and teens share insights, communication tips, and concerns  in this short video.

Parenting Teens–connect, then make requests–video interviewing Susan Stiffleman, family therapist.

Culture Clash: Immigrant Parents and their Teens— blog post by Lorraine Segal on special communication challenges between immigrant parents and their more American teens because of their cultural differences.

5 Mistakes Parents Make with Teens–Josh Shipp

Quizzes and Self  Tests for Parents of Teens

Self Test-Dealing with Conflict How do you handle conflict?

Quizzes for parenting teens–a variety of short quizzes for parents to assess their skills and understanding.

What would you say to teen?–A quiz with answers and explanations of how to handle awkward conversations that arise.

The Influential Parent: Communication & Teen Behavior-quiz–scroll down for quiz about how to influence your teens.
Bullying Quiz –myths and facts about bullying.

Teen Brain

Parents’ guide to teen brain (Short articles and videos, too) with information on how the teen brain functions and influences behavior.

Prisoner of a Teen Brain–Why life imprisonment for teens is wrong.Blog post by Lorraine Segal.

Why you shouldn’t be too hard on your teen–article by Dr. Stacy Kerr on the impact of the teen brain on behavior and thinking.

Inside Teenage brain–introduction to/summary of PBS video

PBS materials and video, Inside the Teenage Brain–video=55 min. Excellent explanation of the teen brain.

Talking to Your Angry Teen–In this short video, Annette Reiter and Barbara Rhode explain why teens seems angry or emotional a lot and its connection to brain development.

Building empathy in teens and children

Center for Empathy portal for resources and information about the values of empathy and compassion with many articles and links.

Empathy and Education Resources and postings about  teaching empathy and compassion in the schools and the education system.

Bullies, Babies, and the Birth of Empathy blog post by L. Segal about how bringing babies into classrooms helped build empathy in children, tweens, and young teens.

Bonding and attachment

Building a strong bond with teens-suggestions for what parents can do.

Moms and Daughters–Questions for bonding and some common answers about what mothers and daughters want most from each other.By Annie Fox.

Attachment and Success–short summary of studies linking emotional attachment to parents and academic success, with other related links.

Crucial Conversations with teens about:

  • Social Networking

TeenSpeak–teen to teen advice about social networking safety

Facebook Monitoring and Teens–advice for parents form Parents’ Universal Resource.

Plugged-in kids lose family time and empathy–blog post by Dr. Michele Borba about dangers and solutions re social networking.

  • Drugs/alcohol and other risky behaviors

 How to start talking about drugs with your teens.

Is it ok for teen to drink? Thoughtful answers.

Time to Talk_TalkKit–pdf  With ideas on how to start talking, scripts on what to say, and tips for answering tough questions, this kit can help you keep the child in your life healthy and drug-free.

Teens and Privacy: When to Cross the Line How to keep your teen’s trust and show your concern about behavior.

Teens and Peer Pressure Truths and myths about the impact of peers on teen behavior.

Takeimi Rao–ABC news clip about 14 year old girl who died from alcohol poisoning at a sleep over.

Amy Winehouse–clip about her struggle with addiction and how parents can help their children avoid this kind of tragedy.

The Cool Spot–resource from young teen perspective about alcohol and drugs, including how to resist peer pressure.

Parent Hotline–answers to questions about teen drug and alcohol use and situations.1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373)

  • Dating

TeenSurvivalGuide— extensive article with advice for teens about dating and relationships; useful for parents to read as well. Includes conflict resolution.–by Annie Fox.

  • Stress 

Helping Teens Cope with Stress–Teens these days are often under tremendous stress. Here’s an article about how to help.

  • Sex

Latino Parent_Adolescent Communication about Sex, a guide for practitioners–Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Ph.D., LCSW and Alida Bouris, MSW. Extensive resource especially for Latino families with useful information and suggestions.

Communicating with Teens about Sex: Facts, Findings, and Suggestions–article–Kate Fogarty and Carolyn H. Wyatt. Info about where teens get sex information, barriers to and tips for parent-teen communication about this topic, warning signs of trouble.

  • Plagiarism

Tips parents can give teens about writing papers, including avoiding plagiarism.

 Ethical Dilemmas—research and advice for teachers grappling with plagiarism.


Inside the Bullied Brain–Brain scans reveal wounds of bullying similar to physical assault.-article

Gay and Lesbian teens punished more  –school authorities tend to punish gay and lesbian youth more severely for similar offenses.-article in Washington Post.

Criminal-Justice and School Sanctions Against Nonheterosexual YouthKathryn E. W. Himmelstein, BA,a and Hannah Bruckner, PhDb academic longitudinal study by  Pediatrics, the official journal of the academy of pediatrics which previous article summarizes in part.

Stop Bullying Now–extensive U.S. government website with resources and information about school bullying, its signs and solutions in general, information about children, tweens, and teens, plus LGBT, cyber bullying, as well as sections for parents, educators, and communities.

Punishing bullied teens–How bullied teens in school are identified as the problem and punished. Blog post. L .Segal

The Bully Project–tips, articles,resources, links, video clip.

It Gets Better–Joel Burn  13 min video. Very touching clip from the extensive “It gets Better” video project, in which celebrities and ordinary people offer support for LGBT and other youth who’ve been bullied, encouraging them .to take heart and know they aren’t alone. A bullycide prevention project.

Safe Teen –anti bullying program especially for teens.

Time for Justice in Anoka-Hennepin CNN video clip about federal investigation of bullied students who committed suicide in school district mandating only neutral, not affirming language for LGBTQ students.

Safe Schools Ambassador Program empowers student leaders from diverse groups and cliques on campus, teaching them nonviolent communication and intervention skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers.

Bullying and Truancy

Absent Enemies—article about the link between truancy and bullying. Over 30% of truancy cases are linked to bullying in this UK study.

Teenage Truancy, a complicated problem—analysis of common reasons for truancy, including trauma, bullying, lack of positive connection.

Truancy Court Program— Innovative program focused on helping with truancy and bullying, based in Baltimore.

Safe School Ambassadors program empowers student leaders of diverse groups and cliques on campus, teaching them nonviolent communication and intervention skills to stop bullying and violence among their peers.

Teens and Mediation

Teen Peer Mediation–A Conflict resolution strategy that teaches and empowers teens. From the PBS In the Mix video series.

The Healing Power of Apologies for Parents and Teens–blog post about apologies in parent-teen mediations–Lorraine Segal

Dear Parents and colleagues,

These are resources I’ve  gathered for parents of teens and professionals who work with them. I hope you find them useful. Please contact me through this website if you have questions or comments or would like to know more about my coaching, mediation, and workshops for parents and teens.—-Lorraine    
© Lorraine Segal


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