Comments from individual coaching clients:

Thank you letter from client dealing with workplace conflict (posted with permission)–“I want to thank you with all my heart for the help and support you showed me.  I feel you were instrumental in making me ready to return to a very iffy situation….Thanks again for all you do and mostly for being so wonderfully clear and kind.”–ES

Comments from Participants in the Heart of Communication workshops:

Four easy steps to handle something that is so difficult for many people.

Beautiful presentation, very heartfelt.

Beautiful, beautiful visualization.

Very uplifting and so timely.

Comments from Participants in Lorraine’s parent-teen communication workshops and classes:

For such a short workshop—very useful.

Now I know our parents really love us.

The workshop reinforced good ways of communicating and dealing with problems. Lorraine was great! Very knowledgeable and personable.

Lorraine is a great teacher and  very positive role model. The group activities were really useful.

The workshop was informative. She did a wonderful job.

The trainer was enthusiastic and helpful. This class was much better than I thought it would be. It was not draining or boring in any way.

After discussing an idea, we were given a chance to test it, and I felt it worked well.

I felt the workshop was very well run.

The session was very  informative without feeling lecturing.

Comments from Lorraine’s Hot Buttons workshop:

Lorraine’s energy was amazing. She did a great job engaging everyone.

Active listening is a tool that I will use in my daily life.

I think Lorraine is fantastic, enthusiastic, and knows the material very well. Thank you!

Lorraine is knowledgeable & caring & very positive.

I learned to speak better. It was great.

Excellent presentation. Context distilled down to a workable amount of very important information.

10 out of 10. Kept things moving.

She was a really good communicator and listener.

These are the skills I use in sales, so they are very helpful.

Lorraine is into what she does & passionate about it, Good job. No improvement needed.

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5 Responses to Comments

  1. Jude Fox says:

    Love the site and the services!

  2. Helga Spizman says:

    The very first thing I read on your blog made me laugh.
    When I first became Associate Head Nurse on an Oncology Unit – I felt like I had regressed to being the Mom of teenagers!

    I could name each of the staff’s behaviours in the light of what their relationship to their parents had been.

    The “goody goody”, the Daddy’s Girl, the manipulative one, the bargainer etc. etc. Unfortunately, I felt as helpless with these behaviours as I had with my own kids but resorting to yelling was not the answer.

    I wish I had had more information and training instead of learning things the hard way.

  3. Helga Spizman says:

    Another very thoughtful and thought provoking reading.
    It’s quite a stretch to think of conflict has having positive ramifications (if I understand it correctly).
    I really like the concept of goal directed interactions without going off into personalities.

    It would be interesting to do “practice sessions” so that I, for one, would learn how to notice when I’m slipping into the negative form and straying into self righteousness.

    It’s nice when someone reminds me – but difficult to handle without having your self esteem deflated.

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